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Offer unmatched value

Now more than ever, tax professionals are expected to be trusted advisors for their clients. However, if you’re like 99% of CPAs, there simply isn’t enough time in the day to address all of your clients’ concerns and develop proactive strategies to overcome them.

That’s where BACK9 Advanced Tax Planning Solutions comes in. With over two decades of experience in disciplines like, income tax mitigation, retirement income planning(The BACK9), focused investment management, estate planning and risk management, we provide the expertise, through our national network of partners, you need to give your clients a proactive and holistic planning experience.

Gain a proactive partner

Let’s be honest; with so much changing in the economy, government regulations and tax policy, just keeping your clients compliant in their tax preparation, audits, and financial statements is a full-time job in itself. Without a team of experts assisting you, it’s nearly impossible to be proactive with your clients. Through our partnership with Elite Resources Team & The Team Based Model, our team provides the proactive support, access and consultation you need to expand your services, provide more value for your clients, and ultimately grow your firm.

Do more for your clients

As financial planning experts, we understand all the challenges you’re facing as a 21st century tax professional. Federal and state tax regulations increase in complexity every year, demanding more of your time and resources. The giant tax prep firms get bigger and bigger and cheaper and cheaper, making it harder to acquire new clients. In addition, clients’ expectations grow higher and higher, but there’s only so much you can do.

BACK9 Advanced Tax Planning Solutions addresses each of these challenges by providing you with a team of experts you can lean on to expand your services while allowing you to focus on what you do best. We help you provide an expansive, holistic client service and experience similar to a Family Office business structure.

BACK9 Advanced Tax Planning Solutions is your partner in...

Advanced Tax Planning

We can help your clients do more than just file- we'll develop a comprehensive plan to lower their tax burden.

Retirement Planning & Investment Management

Your clients need a retirement strategy long after their working days are gone. We can help you build a robust retirement plan for your clients business in addition to an individual plan utilizing our proprietary Guided Retirement Income Plan; The BACK9 GRIP Plan. We offer market leading, institution level portfolio management services focused on market risk management.

Succession & Estate planning

Whether it's a business or an estate, we'll help your clients build a plan that smoothly and safely transfers their wealth and business.

Risk Management

We work with clients in all areas of personal and business risk management and insurance planning.

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