Grow your business. Pay fewer taxes.

Create unmatched value.

Your business should be worth a fortune – not cost you one. Small businesses are the backbone of our communities. So why is yours being throttled by taxes when massive companies skate by virtually tax-free? In all likelihood, it’s because your business simply isn’t taking advantage of every tax break and minimization strategy it deserves. At BACK9 Advanced Tax Planning Solutions, our goal is to create a holistic tax planning strategy that minimizes your tax burden and maximizes your margins.

Lower your company's tax burden.

If you (or your accountant) are only focused on tax preparation and ensuring compliance with IRS policy, you’ll never be able to get a handle on your growing tax burden. However, with so many changes to tax policy (and so much paperwork), staying compliant is just about all a business owner can do – after all, you have a business to run. BACK9 Advanced Tax Planning Solutions takes that monumental task off your plate and leverages a nationwide network of specialists, experts, and advisors to proactively mitigate your taxes. Our tax planning strategies can help you keep more of your hard-earned money and help your business thrive.

Avoid risks.

Running a business is risky enough as it is – if you or your advisor has failed to plan for succession, insurance risks, or even lawsuits, you could lose everything you’ve worked so hard to build. BACK9 Advanced Tax Planning Solutions will help you review and counteract the myriad financial risks your business faces. We’ll design risk management strategies that ensure you remain in complete control of your business.

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